Team 6217—The Fellowship

We are a 4H Club from Rhode Island consisting of Scituate High School and Middle School students who graciously compete in FIRST® Tech Challenge.

We give a big "Thank you" to our sponsors...

…including our individual and family donors...

  • The McQueston Family
  • The Machowski Family
  • The Grelle Family
  • Anonymous
  • Chuck Brodeur
  • Katheryn Rock
  • Tony Grelle
  • Maggie Stormont
  • Charlotte Jeffrey
  • Darla Farley
  • The Seabury Family
  • John Mangilli
…and to those who have provided technical support...


June 2 is National Team Fellowship Day

Please tweet "National Team Fellowship Day June 2, 2017" with the hashtags #teamfellowshipday, #6217, #Team6217, #TheFellowship, #FIRST, #FirstInspires.