Team 6217—The Fellowship

We have reached out to the engineering community:

  • Simulia (Ms. Jeffrey)
    • Ms. Jeffrey brought a software engineer from Simula to work with us on programming.
  • Amgen (Mr. Turnbull)
    • Lead engineer from Amgen helped us develop ideas for our "claw" and linear slide system.
  • Hasbro (Brian Redman)
    • Mr. Redman is a toy designer. He 3-D printed T-nuts that Emily designed, and brought us a Maker-Bot printer to use.
  • Cigna Insurance (Ken K.)
    • A computer engineer worker helped Ben with our autonomous code.
  • Fortune Rope (Mr. Chabot)
    • We brought our robot to have a professional examine our linear slides and help us determine the proper cable to use with them.
  • Federal Products (Mr. Machowski)
    • A retired producer, Mr. Machowski helped with the linear slides, providing tools and parts.
  • NEIT (Saskia)
    • Taught SolidWorks to our coach, Mrs. Cerullo, and 3-D printed some parts for us.
  • The ICon Group (Mr. Chretien)
    • Mentor; works with us on programming and design.
  • Bella
    • Pet therapy dog. (Keeps team members occupied providing her attention.)

    We have promoted FIRST® to students and community:

    • CS4RI (Computer Science for Rhode Island)   (Photos)
      • We presented our robot and FIRST® to 1,800 students, demonstrating Gracious Professionalism as well as the capabilities of our robot.
    • FLL (RI FIRST LEGO League® Championship)   (Photos)
      • We volunteered as Referees, Judges, and MCs over the past five years.
      • We presented our robot and FIRST Tech Challenge® to elementary and middle school participants, parents, and spectators each of the last five years. We gave students (and adults) the opportunity to drive our robot.
    • Women & Infants' Hospital (Providence, RI)   (Photos)
      • We presented our robot and FIRST® to the staff of the surgical department and received a tour of the da Vinci robotic surgery system.
    • Rotary Club (Scituate, RI)
      • We presented our robot and showcased FIRST Tech Challenge® at the Rotary Club annual dinner each of the past three years.
      • We provided volunteer labor to the Rotary Club to help them setup and operate their booth at the Scituate Art Festival each of the past three years.
    • Scituate Middle School FLL and High school FTC (Scituate, RI)   (Photos)
      • We assisted the Scituate FLL and FTC teams with programming and design.
    • Scouts (Scituate, RI)
      • We presented our robot and showcased FIRST Tech Challenge® at all three Scituate, RI Scout troops over the past three years. (Members of our troop who are Scouts have earned the Robotics merit badge.)

June 2 is National Team Fellowship Day

Please tweet "National Team Fellowship Day June 2, 2017" with the hashtags #teamfellowshipday, #6217, #Team6217, #TheFellowship, #FIRST, #FirstInspires. 


FLL Outreach...

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Scituate Middle School and High School Outreach...


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Women and Infants' Hospital Outreach...

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